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Gotta Pony 'em All!
August 23, 2012 04:52 PM PDT
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Hey, special episode tonight! In this one, we interview Flutteryay and ChaosFission of the Ponymon Dawn/Dusk project! They're a lot of fun, and give us some sweet insight into rom-hacking and how Pokemon work!

You can download the games here:

You can also try out another project of Flutteryay's here, Light Platinum:

Time for Random Fanwankery!
August 10, 2012 08:02 PM PDT
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HEY KIDS! Welcome to Fanwankery Corner, where we talk about what the creators of our favorite show MUST DO to appease us! MWAHAHAHA!


August 03, 2012 07:46 PM PDT
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In this quick episode, we interview GabuEx and ZeusAssassin, the Creative Director and Game Designer of the My Little Investigations game. These two give some great replies to our questions, and it's an all-around great interview.

Here's your alignment!
July 21, 2012 05:29 PM PDT
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In this nice little show, we give a few nods to the news before going off and yammering about games, videos, and the proper D&D alignments of all the villains and antagonists of the show. Then we talk about how much worse the three main villains could have been.

Transraped Cupcakes
November 06, 2011 09:14 PM PST
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Rew gathered some of the crew together, and did the unthinkable. He transraped Cupcakes, and read it for the show! The result is... actually pretty damn funny. There's police in the room this time, both of them are male, and the dowry... oh sweet Celestia, all the dowry...

October 31, 2011 03:43 PM PDT
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It may have been done before... but not with Squeakers reading Pinkie's part!!

Interview with Urimas Ebonheart
October 29, 2011 03:01 PM PDT


We'd been trying to net an interview with Urimas, the lead sprite artist and "director" of the 2D Pony MMORPG. However, there were... complications, such as a sudden hospital visit for him and trouble with our cast's schedules. We had so much trouble getting the show together, Hawk was about to give up.

Then, BOOM! He suddenly APPEARS and says "Hey! I'm on! Let's do this!"

So... yeah, this is a very unorganized episode... but we still get our answers, and receive the news that he and his team are looking for help! If you want to help them out, you can get in touch with them here:


Interview with Nicole Oliver
October 17, 2011 02:29 PM PDT
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In this special episode, we interview Nicole Oliver, the voice actress of Princess Celestia! We ask her about voice acting, her favorite pony things, and plenty of other stuffs.

That Pony with the Badges
October 08, 2011 02:34 PM PDT

Today, we only have a couple members active... but that means it's quiet when we interview CR, from That Guy with the Glasses! His main series, Familiar Faces, recently made a huge MLP Retrospective series, so we brought him on to talk to him about his work and stuff.

Then Rew pops in at the end to say hi.


October 06, 2011 06:51 PM PDT
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This is incredibly awesome!

We're joined today by HeroofTime1000, creator of the Super Fluttershy Land 2 and Pony Poki Panic romhacks. Go check them out, they're lots of fun! And then... oh, dear sweet Celestia THE FANFIC...

Anyway, here's the links for the day:
Donate to hjohenson@hotmail.com, and help me pay off a vicious traffic ticket! After that, we'll use your donations to help boost the podcast and make it better!
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$50 will actually get you ON THE SHOW for a single episode, be it one of our random rambling episodes or a MADRiff (your choice of episode!)

Also, check out all the crazy Sonic comics here:

And here's an RPG system Hawk is working on. Check it out, and give him some helpful input!

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